TPQ-36 Counter Battery Radar , Courtesy of US Army

FPS-16 - Range Instrumentation Radar, Courtesy of US Army





THAAD Ballistic Missle Defense Radar, Courtesy of Raytheon, Used with Permission

E-2C, Hawkeye, AEW Aircraft, Courtesy of US Navy

APG-66 in F-16 Fighter, Courtesy of US Air Force







IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society, and

IEEE New Hampshire Section

Free Video Course in

Radar Systems Engineering

Dr. Robert M. O'Donnell - Lecturer

Lecture 6

Detection of Signals in Noise (88 minutes total)

Part 1 (18 minutes)

Part 2 (28 minutes)

Part 3 (26 minutes)

Part 4 (22 minutes)

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