E-2D, Airborne Early Warning Radar, Courtesy of US Navy

ASR-9 - Airport Surveillance Radar, Courtesy of MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Used with Permission






PPI Display of Rain Clutter as seen by Airport SurveillanceRadar, Courtesy of FAA

Automated Tracker Output from MTD (Moving Target Detector), a Pulsr Doppler Processor with FAA SAR Radar, Courtesy of FAA






IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society, and

IEEE New Hampshire Section

Free Video Course in

Radar Systems Engineering

Dr. Robert M. O'Donnell - Lecturer

Lecture 13

Clutter Rejection (Pulse Doppler)(104 minutes total)

Part 1 (31 minutes)

Part 2 (29 minutes)

Part 3 (22 minutes)

Part 4 (22 minutes)

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