NEXRAD (WSR-88) Radar Display of Migrating Birds across the Florida Keys, Courtesy of NOAA

Photograph of Snow Goose, Courtesy of pbonenfant

Mayfly's Hatching, as observed by NEXRAD (WSR-88) Weather Radar, Courtesy of NOAA






AEGIS Destroyer Operating in Area of Moderate to Strong Sea Clutter, Courtesy of US Navy

Strong Ground Clutter as Detected by Aircraft Surveillance Radar, Courtesy of W. Schradder, Used with Permission

Rain Clutter as Detected by FAA Surveillance Radar, Courtesy of FAA






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Radar Systems Engineering

Dr. Robert M. O'Donnell - Lecturer

Lecture 10

Radar Clutter (142 minutes total)

Part 1 A (21 minutes)

Part 1 B (22 minutes)

Part 1 C (24 minutes)


Part 2 A (28 minutes)

Part 2 B (18 minutes)

Part 2 C (21 minutes)

Part 2 D (18 minutes)

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