Chain Home Radar, World War II UK Air Defense Radar, Courtesy of MIT Lincoln Laboratory

UEWR Radar (Ballistic Missile Defense Radar), Courtesy of Raytheon, Used with Permission


JSTARS Airborne Radar, Courtesy of Northrop Grumman, Used with Permission




SCR-584, World War II Tracking Radar, Courtesy of MIT Lincoln Laboratory

E-2D, Airborne Early Warning Radar, Courtesy of US Navy

Police Speed Radar, Courtesy of US Army

SPG-51 Fire Control Radars, Courtesy of US Navy





IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society, and

IEEE New Hampshire Section

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Radar Systems Engineering


Lecture 1

Introduction (2 hours 59 minutes total)

Section 1 (36 minutes)

Section 2 (45 minutes)

Section 3 (28 minutes)

Section 4 (41 minutes)

Section 5 (29 minutes)

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