JOINT STARS Radar Courtesy of Northrop Grumman

AEGIS SPY-1 Radar Courtesy of US Navy


IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society, and

IEEE New Hampshire Section


Taking Radar Systems Engineering

Course for Academic Credit

using Distance Learning Techniques

The course will include:

1. Viewing the present lectures in this radar systems engineering course

2 Performing regular homework assignments and returning student solutions via web, These will be graded and solutions posted on website ( and your grade sent to you)

3. There will be a Mid term and a final exam . A similar grading and solution process will be used for these exams

4. There will be recitation video to reinforce course material

5 There will be implemented a method for students to ask questions and have them answered via video

6. You will receive a final grade and regular University of New Hampshire tuition will be charged

6. Students will be able to transfered to other universities for credit towards their degree programs ( this is will be a 1st year grad school course - 3 credits




If interested , Please tell me send to me at the following email address: , the following initial information to assist in the planning of this academic course

Name, email, what university you attend (ed) or company you work for, degrees received, University and grad school GPA, Major(s), applicable prerequisites taken (grades)

I will be teaching this course as an Adjunct Professor at the University of New Hampshire

Your response will give us information that will be very important in optimally setting up the course, we will keep you advised via email information re formal initiation of the course and registration

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